Leather Jogging Pants - Sivan

Leather Jogging Pants

Get ready, you will be seeing these vegan leather jogging pants on the blog A LOT. It’s only Monday and I already have at least 3 outfits in my head for them. I’m currently very into mixing high and low fashion and this outfit exemplifies just that. And the neon? Well, after I decided I couldn’t walk around with a bright red purse everyday of the week and had to get something “basic” I ended up with this. Obviously still on the prowl for a black basic bag. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. With my upcoming birthday (26!!) I am feeling extra needy of items to validate my personal style and youth. Sorry, it’s the truth. Material items really do set the tone of my day and I’ve learned to prioritize my purchases. Except for this neon bag, of course. It’s my birthday and I’ll buy dumb shit if I want to!



I’m wearing: Faux leather jogging pants (similar here) // Forever 21 tribal top (similar here)  // Zara sandals // Neon satchel // Ray Ban aviators