Black + Blue - Sivan

Black + Blue

There comes a time (or an age) where black and blue becomes acceptable. Growing up I knew black and blue were a faux pas and struggled finding the perfect color denim so I could finally wear a black shirt without feeling like a sinner. Now, what feels like 100 year later, I am avidly wearing the duo without any shame. There is something sleek and chic about pairing the two together, especially navy. This hat has been sitting on my dresser for weeks and weeks and I just had to take the plunge and give it its only chance of survival in my closet. Meaning: wearing it with all black. In honor of Black Friday, I give you my version of the perfect outfit.

I’m wearing: BLANK NYC vegan leather pants // Zara top // Rag + Bone booties // Anthropologie hat // Rebecca Minkoff bagĀ