Be Daft - Sivan

Be Daft

Daft: adj. silly or foolish.

I am officially on a staycation at the in laws’ place in the Hills and cannot be more thrilled. While my home office now has the best view of the city, it is making it a bit distracting to actually get anything done. The only way to ensure I stay focused is by balancing work and play; 2 hours of work and a 45 minute hike, followed by another 3 hours of work, and a quick coffee break, and so on. While on the subject of being silly/foolish, this Be Daft tee by Daftbird makes for the perfect throw-on-and-go top since it can be worn as shown in my normal everyday attire or possibly even more dressed up with leather. You might also catch me at Runyon sporting this tee since the open back allows for some good ventilation.



I’m wearing: BLANKNYC ripped jeans // Daftbird tee // Rag & Bone booties // Zara jacket // Rebecca Minkoff bag