Confessions - Sivan


It is about that time I start to think about resolutions for the new year and take a moment to evaluate where I’m at currently. This time last year I was still partaking in the hustle and bustle of the fashion industry in downtown Los Angeles. I was irately sitting in traffic for 2 hours a day, getting seriously underpaid and overworked with no promise for growth or reward, surrounded by miserable people trying to make me equally as miserable. It was a blessing in disguise being let go from my last position, as it forced me to seriously make some changes in my life. I vowed to never be subjected to that lifestyle and phoniness ever again.

Almost a year later, I have been through a lot. Shortly after finding myself “jobless” (because who is ever really jobless?) I jumped into something too quickly that ended on a bittersweet note. I learned a lot about business and how to choose the people you work with. Sure, I made mistakes, but I learned many lessons: how to say No; never teach everything you know; creativity cannot be learned; authenticity is everything.

It wasn’t long before I moved forward and decided to use my creative talents and join forces with one of my best friends. Together we are a better duo (MUSE) that are doing what we love for people we love. And shortly after that, my best friend and I finally collaborated to bring the universe a platform to admire and share our personal style. Au Contraires, launching 1.1.14, is our art and is going places.

I got engaged. The happiest day of my life was when my best friend asked me to marry him (he may have forgotten to actually ask out of nervousness but I knew what he was getting at with the ring and all…). Period. I cannot even compare the feeling to anything else in the world. It is magical; the most amazing time in my entire life, and I get sad just thinking about the fact that the day he asked is getting further away each day. While our wedding in Greece will be beautiful, it will still be a close second to the day we got engaged. It was that good.

Today, December 16th at 6:31p.m., I am finding myself somewhat frustrated and eager to be somewhere else (Paris). I crave change, culture, wine, cold weather. I want to spend time with my fiance in a place where we can forget about the petty bullshit of our life in Los Angeles and truly enjoy one another. I want to rediscover myself in a new way that is untapped and evolved. I will be ringing in 2014 somewhere in Paris with Paul. We don’t have any big plans, just the hope for adventure, excitement, and memories. 2014 will be different. I promise.