Paris: part deux - Sivan

Paris: part deux

More on Paris. I realize after my 10 Lessons Learned in Paris post I sounded somewhat cynical about the City of Love. Not to be misconstrued with cynicism, my honest thoughts on the city are just that. Honest. I spend 8 nights in Paris and found that after night 4 was going to have to take matters into my own hands. Meaning: I was no longer going to reference the long list of “hotspots” I so appreciated having with me from friends and family. Instead, Paul and I came back to our Parisian apartment each evening and spent hours researching where our next stop would be. See, we aren’t your typical couple that likes to frequent places loaded with tourists or lines. We enjoy quality food, good ambiance, and sometimes a challenge. My favorite place to eat was hands-down L’├ętage. It’s on the Rue de Buci and located above an Italian deli. They don’t advertise the place, it seats about 25 people, the lights are dim, the service polite, drinks mixed perfectly, and food exquisite. Our kind of place.

The pictures you are seeing are clearly not in a restaurant. I won’t bore you with the many food pictures I took, instead I will share some of my favorite shots through Paris. This was actually our final day in Paris, and after having explored every. single. part of Paris I was ready to just take a stroll along the Seine and “relax.” Of course by relax I mean start at Locks of Love and walk all the way to Notre Dame…

I’m wearing: Sweater from elle a. // Siwy denim // Zara coat (sold out) // Stuart Weitzman boots // Urban Outfitters beanie // Rebecca Minkoff purse