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Etiquette 101: On new homes

While on a 10-hour flight home from Europe I forced myself to stay awake so I would be able to sleep once I arrived home. Before I became delirious and all kinds of grumpy on the plane, I made a list of topics I would like to start discussing on the blog. I realize that many of us are approaching an age where our friends are getting engaged/married, buying their first homes, maybe having kids (?), the list goes on, and we now have obligatory events to attend in honor of these life events. I fully understand how daunting it can be to buy a gift for a wedding, bridal shower, engagement party, house warming (again, the list goes on) without much experience or guidance. With all this in mind I am starting a series of posts labeled Etiquette 101 that will cover all topics of how to properly present yourself as a lady of society (jk–I’m not that conservative); but how to realistically, in a modern time, handle these events.  If there are any topics you would like me to address in this series feel free to leave it in the comments 🙂

When someone moves into a new place:

  • If they are hosting a housewarming party bring a gift.
  • If they are not hosting a housewarming party, send a gift.
  • Stick to gifts that aren’t too style-specific (meaning: unless you know their motif or color palette stick to a basic vase, coffee table book, picture frame, etc.).
  • Be creative. If you’re on a budget you can always hit the cleaning section in Target and grab the “cute” soaps (Meyers is organic, aromatic, & packaged nicely) and display in a nice basket with a sweet note.
  • If you are unable to attend, send a bottle of champagne (throw in some novelty flutes if you have the time and funds).