Coachella Packing List (+ why) - Sivan

Coachella Packing List (+ why)

coachella packing list1. Chapstick: As if I didn’t already have a crazy chapstick addiction, the desert winds definitely do not help my situation. A full tin of this stuff is a necessity for this weekend.

2. Hat: It is H-O-T during Coachella. Some people think the hat traps heat on your head but I am convinced otherwise. Of course opt for something light and breathable.

3. Frends: Why would I bring headphones to a music festival you ask? Well, for one, there is the drive there and home. But I have a tendency to fall asleep throughout the day and will need some noise cancelling Frends to help me out.

4. Fanny Pack: Sure, they are 80’s…but I seriously do not want to carry my stuff around. Instead, I’ll let my waist do the heavy lifting.

5. A practical outfit: It’s hot. Period. I don’t know about you, but I cannot prance around all day in something that is going to stick to my body uncomfortably. I need something conducive for peeing outside (well, in a portapotty), for the heat, and for laying on the ground (seriously).

6. Water: Hydration is everything at Coachella. It sounds awesome to be drinking (alcohol) all day but really it’s not. It just isn’t.

7. Sunscreen: SPF is another essential item that you must not forget.

8. Boots: It’s dirty and dusty out there. I found myself barefoot last time just to avoid the dirt getting in between my toes. So no, sandals are not an option for me this year.

9. Blanket: This one should be a give-in. You need somewhere to sit in between shows (or during) and the grass can get itchy, dirty, and grimy after three days.

10. Coachella App: If you aren’t aware, there is absolutely no cell service at the festival, so the app should be downloaded to help you map out your stage appearances ahead of time. It is supposed to notify you where to be and when…let’s hope it still functions without service!!