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10 Things I learned in San Francisco

Last weekend Paul and I attended a friend’s wedding in San Francisco. Surprisingly, I have never been to the hilly city and was thrilled at the idea of spending the weekend in a new city with a fun event to accompany the excursion. As per usual, I always like to document things learned or observed while traveling and this short 3 day-er is no exception. The following is my take-away from San Francisco:

1. The shoes I’m wearing in these photos are NOT conducive for walking in San Francisco. You pretty much need to be in sneakers or don’t walk. Ouch.

2. Walking up the hills aren’t as bad as they seem. The incline almost appears to flatter out as you walk up. Walking down is a whole different story (#1 is a factor in this).

3. Uber and Lyft are pretty amazing! I know I’m late to the party on this, but why pay for the $12 valet when you can take an $8 Uber everywhere?! So amazing.

4. San Francisco has the most amazing cocktail sauce in the world! I visited the Fisherman’s Wharf on a full stomach so was unfortunately unable to truly indulge in the seafood; however, the baby shrimp and sauce I had was pretty unbelievable. And we are talking about the little kiosk-type vendors, too, nothing fancy or expensive.

5. The wind will be the death of me. Again, my outfit in these images was ALL wrong for San Francisco. While I was busy complaining about my feet I almost lost my beloved hat to the gruesome wind that never seemed to die down.

6. Every neighborhood houses my kind of restaurants. Meaning: boutique, unique, well decorated, good vibe, etc. Sparrow Bar, Nopalita, Delarosa, and Noir lounge are among the spots I dined at and absolutely loved.

7. I would give anything to live in the San Franciscan architecture style–Victorian meets modern. The floor to ceiling windows, rich molding, oversized archways, the sunken ceilings…oh my! My good friend was lucky enough to snag a rent controlled place that I’m still so jealous of. Pain your kitchen already, Max!

8. To me, the city was reminiscent of New York. A little crowded, slightly too dirty, but has a palpable positive energy about it. It’s just one of those places that you can complain about nonstop but also love at the same time. I pretty much have the same love-hate relationship with New York.

9. San Francisco has their own version of an El Diablo (cocktail) that I am IN LOVE with. I thought it was a pleasant mistake, but when I ordered it in two spots and they were both prepared the same, I realized that LA is seriously missing something. Recipe to follow on the blog very soon.

10. Bay to Breakers…is not for me. I didn’t even participate in it, but from what I saw (costumes, drunks, traffic, etc.), I am certain that like most things, I’m just the minority who would not have fun. As I sipped my new favorite drink street-side, I was happy to be in my comfortable seat enjoying craft food and cocktails, as too many people inevitably slithered home and were sick.

I’m wearing: BLANKNYC white jeans // Elle A sweater (sold out) // Vince Camuto boots (sold out) // Janessa Leone hat // Phillip Lim bag