Rosie - Sivan


I’ve got quite the infatuation with roses. I believe it began with the actual flower and everything it represented. Each color meant something different, and the aroma was always slightly sweeter when received from someone special. As I got older (and Pinterest was invented) and discovered other flowers that were just as beautiful, I started to grow away from my beloved roses and onto more complex flowers, such as peonies, magnolias, dahlias, etc. But while my adoration for florals continues to grow, my love affair for roses has never died. If you were to examine all my perfumes, sprays, body wash, candles, soaps, etc. you would notice that they all happen to be rose scented and it is not a coincidence. When I found this romper it almost registered a feeling of nostalgia, as the rosie print just made me feel like home. I obviously¬†had¬†to have it!

Rosie romper c/o Shop Luna B // Zara heels // Michael Kors watch