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Today is a pretty big day for me on many different levels. You may find yourself rolling your eyes at what I’m about to discuss, but trust me, they would not be discussed if they weren’t a big deal somewhere deep in my life. Today marks the start of the week that Paul will be taking the Bar exam. When you (eventually) read my memoir about our experience living as a couple through law school (and now the Bar) you will truly understand just how miserable of a time it is. The fact that freedom is a mere 4 days away is surreal to me. Today Paul will be leaving to take the Bar, and tonight I will be watching The Bachelorette finale solo. Traditionally, Paul would bring home roses and champagne and we would laugh at the cheesy drama, but tonight will mark a much bigger tradition: The start of us enjoying the things we love minus a HUGE burden that does trickle down to my shoulders as well. I would love to bore you with a long post about the details of my hectic week ahead, and everything planned in between, but I will leave you with some fun pictures of this fabulous pink frock that I cannot believe I’m wearing when just a few short weeks ago I was ridding my closet of anything NOT a neutral. Guess that’s what happens when a girl is just too happy to stick to her own rules! Happy week everyone!

anna pellissari bracelet





I’m wearing: Windsor shift dress // Zara heels // Anna Pellissari druzy ring + bracelet