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How To Plan A Wedding While Working

Lately my desk looks like a “full on Monet!” [Clueless reference]. Meaning: from afar it looks pretty cute, but up close it’s a big ole mess! For someone who is pretty OCD, this has definitely given me some self-inflicted anxiety, but there is an added responsibility in my life right now that will exist until June 19th, 2015 [my wedding]. Until then, my desk will remain cluttered with invitations, RSVPs, to-do lists, contracts, etc. The challenge, if you didn’t already see one, is that this work space is also my office in which I do all my creative work. When things are hectic, messy, time-sensitive, and essentially just brimming with pressure, my well being/energy levels tend to get neglected. As you can imagine the work-wedding balance is quite difficult, but I am here to tell you that YOU CAN DO IT!

With a well planned timeline of events leading up to the big day, there is no reason why you cannot plan your “dream” wedding while also maintaining a 9-5 [or 7am-9pm for some…ahem, me!]. After all, that’s what lunch breaks were designed for, right? A solid hour of emailing vendors, planners, and agents to continuously follow up, check in, and finalize. It sounds nuts, but that’s how to get shit done!

Lastly, I get a little help from my friends. For me, those “friends” are the lovely people behind the Neuro drinks. With 4 solid purposes for each color, the green [daily immunity] keeps me going on those exceptionally long days; the blue [reduce stress] surprisingly calms my anxiety; the red [energy refreshed] allows me to attend yoga at ungodly hours; and the orange [sweet dreams] provides serenity when I would inevitably wake up at 4am dreaming about social media content I’m working on for clients. In other words, this line of non-jittery, healthy, vitamin-filled energy drinks are currently saving my life. And let’s be real, the lightly carbonated flavors are tasty [not sugary] and only 35 calories for the entire bottle. It works for me–and you know I’m a little on the nutty side!

For more info on Neuro, visit their site and discover which color(s) will work for you.