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My Googled Tablecloth

printed tablecloth

It seems like since I first discovered I could cook (3-4 years ago) I have been on a mad hunt to find a tablecloth I like. I’m a serious Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Ross kind of girl when it comes to home decor, and even with my usual rotation of the 3, I have never been happy with their selection of table coverings. I’ve hosted countless dinners and brunches and would always resort to disposable table coverings–which, don’t get me wrong, are beyond cute but just not as classy. When my mother informed me that I would be hosting 10 people in my apartment for Rosh Hashana I kind of entered a panicked frenzy thinking about all the additional cutlery, plates, cups, and dun dun dunnnnnn, a tablecloth I liked!

I spent an hour one morning skipping my usual stores and favorite online stores and did something I would never usually do. I GOOGLED ‘chic tablecloth,’ ‘contemporary tablecloth,’ ‘printed tablecloth,’ among a few other variations that were simply vague as f***. Well, guess it wasn’t too vague for trusty ole Google, because before I knew it I was purchasing 2 printed tablecloths from H&M! The only time I actually knew H&M sold home goods was in London, and clearly forgot all about it. Long story short (I guess it’s too late for that), H&M has a seriously cute selection of home decor at those Home Goods-Ross-prices. Take a look at how the table turned out.

Modern tableclothgold lamp; silver table setting