Trimr bottle

After months of yoga classes I still, to this day, find my biggest challenge to be anything that requires open hips. In yoga A LOT of poses require a substantial amount of hip open-ness and it is pretty depressing when the “older” people in class are cruising right along in Malasana as I flop around trying to stay up. It became such an issue that one day my instructor approached me after class and opened up the hip conversation (no pun intended). She went on to tell me how most people feel that “crunchiness” in their hips when they hold a lot of emotion inside. Being a scorpio, I tend to internalize a lot of my feelings, but apparently it is realllllly screwing up my yoga practice.

I have since been advised to take 20 minutes a day for the simple things that make me happy. She even said coming to yoga is great, but not to let that be the only thing I do for myself each day. This may sound totally silly, but I find mixing up fresh “spa” water each day really makes me happy. Since staying hydrated is not only necessary for your health & beauty–inside and out–why not stay hydrated in a way that pleases your taste buds as well? After discovering the Trimr bottle, I have full-fledged become a water infuser. It’s more than just slicing up some lemons; this bottle has special springs that magically (seriously) mixes just the right amount of natural flavors from your additive. My favorite is currently strawberry water–so refreshing without being too sweet.

Lastly, this bottle isn’t just for those about to go work out. The duel top allows for easy sipping that won’t ruin your lipstick at the office, or a larger opening for mass gulping. Whatever your style of sipping is, this bottle has you covered. And for all my OCD people out there, the rubber bottom prevents any water rings from ruining your tabletops or desks (!!!). Because I am so obsessed with this sweet new addition to my daily routine, I have teamed up with Trimr to offer free shipping on any orders using the promocode SIVAN.

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