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Etiquette 101: On Planning Your Wedding

etiquette on planning your wedding

I complicate EVERYTHING. Including my wedding. I like a good etiquette post (usually found on Pinterest) that breaks down the proper gifts to give on special occasions, fun crafting ideas for holidays, creative ways to set the table, etc., but when it came to finding a timeline to follow for my wedding, well, it was tough. Not only am I doing a destination wedding, I’m doing a destination wedding across the globe! And to make matters even trickier, the language barrier while planning your wedding in Greece is just peachy. Not that I’m complaining…please don’t think that. It’s just that I’ve really struggled on the timing of everything.

Having known I was going to have a long engagement (2 years) I really thought long and hard about all the logistics of my wedding. I have had ample time to plan, research, reserve, etc., and it has really eliminated that stressful rush everyone always talks about. I, like the silly, excited bride that I am, reached out to vendors waaaaaay too early and often got the same “we cannot give you a rate for 2015 until 2015…” answer. It kind of bummed me out since I felt like I was at a stand still when all I really wanted was to pace the process to AVOID that stressful rush. However, knowing exactly who to contact in advance did save me a lot of time and headache. I also think I got extremely lucky with every vendor working out perfectly (so far. knock on wood now!).

I’m now technically 8 months out from the wedding, but actually like at 2 months out on the planning schedule I made above. For anyone doing things a little more on the conventional side, the above should work like a charm for you. For anyone like me (complicated, twisted, obnoxious for the most part), contact me if you want the crazy person’s guide to planning a wedding across the world. I’d be happy to share 🙂