Let’s be honest. Some of you might feel like I’ve just curated a large pile of black boots-ish looking shoes. Others might seriously appreciate the slight differences in all of these booties. I have a serious problem (not sure if I’ve shared this bit yet) that really makes cold-weather dressing quite irritating. I’m bow-legged. I never really understood what that meant until I was a cheerleader and my coach kept telling me to “squeeze my legs together” as I was being thrown in the air. I would always think to my self, annoyed, “I am, you moron. My legs just don’t touch! Gosh.”

As I got older and really embraced boots, it was apparent that I would forever deal with an issue that some people might not consider an issue at all (some even envy my issue–they are crazy though!). I can’t wear tall boots. Due to my legs not touching, my legs force them to become an awkward bowed shape that is just not cute. Luckily booties were re-introduced into fashion and has been my saving grace. Now I can finally wear “boots,” as opposed to sandals in the winter, without my strange legs forcing the boots apart. So, with that said, now you might understand why I have such a crazed bootie obsession, and why I make giant visual lists of pairs I just¬†need!¬†