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Blue Life Black Romper

Happy Monday! I’m going to jump right in and say that this week is dedicated to mourning my final days as a 26-year-old. 27 is here, and along with it’s untimely arrival, so is fall. I’m busting out the boots, faux fur, black…well, black goes year-round for me, but it is especially relevant this week. I keep seeing all these memes circulating about only 6 more Fridays until Christmas and it just sort of hit that time is flying. Before I know it, it will be June and I will find myself tying the knot in Greece. How did this happen? I thought I was having a 2-year engagement?! This panic (made obvious by over overuse of exclamation marks) is nothing to be worried about–just a side effect of my impending age.

Cynthia Vincent vestJanessa Leone hat


Black Romper

3.1 Phillip Lim pashli bagAll black everything


Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots

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