BLANK NYC leather jacket

I have, on several occasions, been brought to tears when gifted with something spectacular. It’s not so much the item itself (even though I absolutely died over the gift), as much as it is the thought that goes behind it. One year my dad bought me a pair of Chanel sunglasses that I knew NOTHING about. I was pretty young–and it was before we had 100’s of sites to help us out–so I had no style number, style name, etc. All I knew was that Alessandra Ambrosia wore them in US Weekly once and they had denim on them. I. Needed. Them. When I opened those sunnies so many years ago I was moved to tears instantly. What?!

This year I wasn’t expecting anything too big since I’m officially old-ish and gifts are not the purpose of gathering with your family for your birthday anymore (my thoughts). Little did I know, my whole family (including my best friend) were conspiring the entire time to buy me the Anine Bing boots I have been lusting over for a solid year! The fact that someone listened to me rant at some point about boots to even know the specific stud color I want is just incredible to me. I’m pretty sure my negative thoughts about 27 have long left the building.

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