Shopping for you man should be fun! Except, it’s not. They are [secretly] pickier than us in regards to clothing, electronic gifts must be the correct brand (aka the best quality for it’s purpose), and they don’t usually vocalize anything they want. At least, my man doesn’t. For us (Paul & myself) it’s this fun game of mind reading or just me purchasing thingsĀ IĀ  think he wants/needs. I guess I should be grateful that he isn’t at all materialistic, but it does make gift-giving exceptionally harder than I’d like it to be. If you happen to have a guy who loves small luxuries, a nice designer item, or just seems overall appreciative of the effort, one of these gifts should suffice. If anyone can think of a gift for a man who has everything he “needs” and doesn’t want anything, please send them my way! Thanks!