Dior Airflash foundation

Let me tell you a little story about me and make-up. I’ve always worn it, but stuck to a very basic routine of SPF moisturizer, mascara, bronzer, and a little eyeshadow. Nothing crazy. As I got a little “older” my mother introduced me to BB cream, which I felt changed my life. I suddenly had this artificial glow that made me look pretty alive in the mornings. So that was added to my basic routine. In that same face-changing year I was also introduced to eyebrow pens and pencils and suddenly I had shape to my brows. Wow.

THEN, my sister introduced me to Dior Airflash. Game. Changer.

Let me just tell you, that for $62 dollars you can have a whole new complexion that screams smooth, even, natural-looking coverage. I really can’t get into too many details since I don’t really speak Make-Up, but I can most definitely tell you that it has changed my face. Especially in the morning. As a side-note, I am also exceptionally obsessed with Anastasia Beverly Hills’ eyebrow wiz pen. AAAAAAND, I’m also really into L’oreal’s Age Perfect face oil that helps me with dry patches in the winter. A little dab of that at night and my face skin is fully restored in the morning. This may all be old news to some of you but I was just too excited about my latest beauty purchases to not share!

If you’re interested in seeing just how these products look on my face (bright and early in the morning), head over to my Instagram to see a little selfie.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pen