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Occasionally I like to switch up my wardrobe to shake things up. I get bored wearing the same ole jeans, t-shirt, leather jacket, and booties day after day. So a tie-dye legging and fringe combo sounds about right at the height of me being ensemble-y challenged. I’m sure you’re sick of hearing how it is 70 degrees in LA (in December), but it is true and it is the reason we get to dress like this, instead of being bundled in “puffy” stuff. Open-toed shoes, bring it on! Only one layer? No problem!

If you’re a fan of this look, there’s plenty more where that came from on the Gypsy05 site. Their new collection recently launched and it has plenty to take you through winter, but also last into spring. Oh, and you might see my face in some of their photos (in bikinis, naturally) showing off their Resort collection.

Photography by: Nicole Szuch

I’m wearing: Gypsy05 leggings // Bless’d Are The Meek sweater (sold out) // Elle A. leather jacket // Sam Edelman sandals (sold out)

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