2015 RESOLUTIONS - Sivan



I really enjoy setting resolutions. I don’t view them as big, scary, unattainable goals (as many people do), but rather small areas of my life to put extra focus on. I always glance back at the previous year’s resolutions (having them documented is always nice…especially when it’s just one search bar click away on a blog) to see just how close I came to sticking to them and am pleasantly content with my small achievements. And areas that weren’t as great will be put back on the list–ahem, saving money. This year I am setting resolutions of a similar nature; small, to-the-point, realistic, positive. Instead of putting emphasis on parts of my life that are negative (and trying to change them), I am going to simply be rid of them. Why have anything negative influencing your life? To me, the answer is clear and simple, you shouldn’t.

1. Wear lingerie:  This may be TMI, but I really wear the most basic underwear and bras. While they may be “lace” (aka a stretchy fabric disguised as lace?), they are ill-fitted and very unsexy. By the way, that conclusion was drawn completely on my own. I just think I need to step it up underneath my clothing!

2. Host more dinners: I am very lucky to have all my family back in Los Angeles and want to indulge in that privilege as often as possible. Having my family scattered around in various states really made me appreciate having my family just down the street. Literally.

3. Try new hairstyles: I get a lot of compliments on my current hair (dark brown ombré and wavy) but I can’t stress enough how bored I am of it! If I wasn’t getting married this year I probably would have chopped it by now. BUT, since I won’t be doing that, I vow to try more styles from Pinterest. Any tips, suggestions, and ideas are welcomed 🙂

4. Buy more shoes: This is probably the opposite of what most people set, but I’m not even kidding when I say I need more shoes. I’ve never really been a shoe girl but I’m finding they have the power to transform even the most basic outfit, which is typically what I’m wearing! So, need more shoes. For the blog, of course 😉

5. Save more money: Oh, hi again. We’ve met. Every year. That lingering resolution that always seems to get lost among my other way more exciting resolutions. Ok, ok…to be fair, I paid off a student loan this year so THAT’S why I didn’t save. But I’ll try again this year. I promise.

6. Enjoy my wedding year: Well, because I can only set this resolution once in a lifetime, I will. Up until this point (6 months away from my wedding) I’ve been able to enjoy the process of planning my wedding and relish the rare moments shared between a newly engaged couple. This may even sound weird, but I’m actually ready to be married now! I know I said “yes” a year and a half ago, but I went into it knowing we would have a long engagement. Now THE year is finally here and I’M finally ready!

7. Write love letters: Not only do I love hand writing letters, I have ridiculously cute stationary. THAT, and the fact that I like to find reasons to be sweet with my fiancé is reason enough to have that be an official resolution this year. And…he’s been sending me love letters for years and I have yet to respond…so yeah, resolution, set.

8. Cook fish at home: I absolutely love eating fish but have let my irrational disgust of touching fish get in the way of me preparing it at home. That explains why I always order fish when I eat out! This year I would like to overcome that “fear” as well as expand our home cooked meals to include more than just chicken and tofu (we don’t eat red meat). Wish me luck!

9. Take bubble baths: I love baths but I can count (on one finger) the amount of baths I’ve taken this year. Yup, at my in-laws’ because they have the best bathtubs. It’s a lost art in my own house that I plan to revive, seeing I love my oils, books, and wine, and what better way to enjoy all 3 than in a hot bath?!

10. Seek adventure (in MUSE): MUSE is my creative consulting firm. We are pretty much a non-stop operation, as we provide social media content for brands. As we all know, social media is a full-time gig, so we are full-time shooting product, editing, coming up with creative copy, etc. Sometimes I feel as though it is never-ending, leaving me adventure-less. But guess what? Who says you can’t have fun while working? Trust me, that’s not a concept lost on me, but I would like to take it to the next level…MUSE may just end up in Bali. Or Morocco. Locations to be determined. 

11. Be fair: I find myself being exceptionally fair to other people. I never want anyone to feel I am taking advantage. I also can’t sleep/think straight/move on/enjoy life when I have unresolved issues plaguing me. I carry around my emotions (Scorpio behavior) to a point where I just break down and have to talk myself into letting it go. This resolution is tricky because it means confronting issues/people even when I feel I can’t. I’m very non-confrontational and this is a big deal to me, but I think it is time to treat my mental/emotional health as well as I treat my physical health.

Thank you for reading. This blog has motivated so many areas of my life, and keeping resolutions have become a lot easier due to the overwhelming amount of support I receive from friends, family, and people I’ve never even met! I hope whatever your resolutions are, you are excited about them. Wishing everyone an incredible new year! See you in 2015!