SOMETHING I've learned

If only things were so simple that I could just say ‘here’s what I’ve learned’ and maybe sum it up in one word. I guess as you grow older and experience more, things just become more clear and every time something does become clearer to me, I feel enlightened. You might be thinking ‘duh’, but to me it wasn’t always obvious that learning things about yourself and other people is such hard work.

Lately all the magazines I read (Vogue, In Style, Glamour) have cover stories of celebs who are discovering how to deal with life–health, relationships, age–typical stuff to some people. However, things are starting to make more sense as I am in my 20’s (on the way out of them, to be more specific), and am a little daunted by what my 30’s supposedly bring. At least, according to Jennifer Aniston I have stuff to both look forward to and be scared of.

I would like to say that I’m a fast learner and this year so far I have kept a very open mind about pretty much anything. Things that typically bother me I have made a conscious effort to see in a different light. And honestly, pausing for one second to think about ‘it is worth getting upset about?’ has helped keep me in a more positive state of mind. I am learning to cope with decisions other people make that I don’t necessarily agree with, and am also learning how to not let their choices, words, and actions affect my well being. I tend to immerse myself in people’s problems who are close me, and while I do it from my heart it doesn’t always appear that way to others.

Learning to 1) back off when others do not want my help, and 2) not let it affect me will be my biggest challenge this year. This realization came after 3 different instances (in the first 12 days of this brand new year), and I resolve to make this my goal.

If all you’ve taken away from this post is I’m a little too sensitive for my own good, you are probably right. I overthink and analyze things said and done to me by people who have an influence on me. It is a hard reality, but sometimes for your own sake it is better to just move forward and do the best you possibly can. Acting from your heart holds a genuine quality that some might not understand, but that is just another something to learn along the way.