90'S GRUNGE - Sivan


Plaid and Red

I seriously used to describe anything I found tacky or outdated “so 90’s” and meant it as a serious insult. It’s funny how when things come back “in” we barely remember those silly insults were ever uttered. There are still some elements I find a little blasé, such as the spaghetti strap on an actual top, but sometimes when mixed with the right garment, it’s not so bad. Take, for instance, this slip dress I picked up off Zara sale rack for $15.99. Sure, it resembles a nightgown, but it’s got all the elements I love in a piece of clothing: 1) it’s black, 2) it’s basic 3) the length will allow for day or night time wearing, 4) it’s cheap, and 5) the dainty straps allow me to go bra-less (soooo 90’s of me!).

Needless to say, we are all mad for plaid and it’s less a nod towards 90’s fashion and more a lifestyle. It say, ‘This comfy flannel doubles as a sweater if you live in LA and don’t need a real sweater but want to play it safe AND an accessory for my waist. I’m down to earth and maybe even outdoorsy since it is a flannel. But still stylish, of course.’

Maybe my kids will one day scoff at my look but for now “it’s all good baby baby.”

Red balenciaga bagZara slip dress



Midi slip dress