Forever 21 white faux fur coat

This past weekend I was reminded just how much I love blood oranges. During a fun celebratory dinner with friends at Mercado in Los Angeles I had a delicious blood orange margarita that was spicy (my current favorite attribute in a cocktail) and let me just tell you…it was divine! Then this dress came into the picture–again, in a blood orange tone–and it gave me that same lush taste in my mouth. Aside from the color, I absolutely love the wrap elements that make it the kind of dress that fits just right. The super high slits make for an elegant evening look, or it can be dressed down with some flats. Either way, you will be seeing a lot of this dress.

And in case you were wondering, this faux fur, white shaggy coat I’m wearing was a steal at just $39 from Forever 21. It was one of those items you see as you’re heading to the register and funnily enough it was a size large. I didn’t even bother to look if they had any others (potentially in a smaller size) but I love it as is! Fortunately for all of you it is still in stock online!