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Despite the really fun colored wall, my casual outfit, and what might be considered a laid-back demeanor, behind all of that lays some serious nerves. I’ve become pretty accustomed to plastering an understated smile in my photos as of late, and I must say that I do a pretty decent job. Looking at these photos I would never be able to tell just how nervous I am inside. Why am I nervous, you ask? Well, my fiance is requesting that we write (and recite) our own vows at our wedding.

Now, I just want to say that I find the sentiment extremely touching and something that I definitely want to do, but as I sat in a Rabbi’s office last weekend discussing the order of events that take place during a wedding ceremony I instantly began crying. Just the thought of reciting vows, which I find extremely personal, out loud scares the shit out of me.

I’ve been trying to sit Paul down for weeks to discuss these vows. How long should they be? How much humor should be infused? How serious are they? Are we getting poetic or just listing our promises? The man refuses to speak about it and I just can’t take it! I feel like a good balance of everything is overall the best route to go, but I also need some sort of confirmation on this. Is that what YOU would do in my situation? Have any of you ever written your own vows? What are your suggestions? Help!

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