MILOS - Sivan


Milos was supposed to be the first destination of my honeymoon, but I quickly discovered that 1) a few of my friends were going to be there at the exact same time as well, and 2) many of the elusive beaches we wanted to visit required renting a boat or car, making the honeymoon more of a group trip. You’re probably confused why factor #2 had anything to do with not being on a honeymoon, and that’s because neither one of us (my husband–ahhh!–or myself) know how to drive a manual car, which is the only option on the island. We also figured if we are going to sail with a boat full of strangers all day we might as well make it a boat full of our friends.

We figured the next destination (Santorini) would be reserved for just the two of us. Or so we thought…

KIDDING! We were totally alone once we left Milos and it was truly the most magical honeymoon I could have ever imaged. More on that later.

Milos is a very tiny Greek island that has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. It is also called the island of color, which is very apparent the second you hit the beaches and see the multitude of colored rocks lining the shore. If you’re a Pinterest whore like me you have definitely pinned some of these beaches. I will say, with only 2 full days on the island (and 2 half days dedicated partly to traveling) I think it was enough time to get the full effect of the island and all it has to offer. You can drive around the entire island in approximately 25 minutes. Yeah, veeeeeeeery tiny.


-When visiting Milos you should primarily be concerned with seeing as many beaches as possible each day. At first I was reluctant for my day to look as I just described since I like to basque in the sun from morning to night, but most of the beaches I visited were less for laying out and more for taking pics, admiring the beauty, and heading to the next one.

-There are less organized beaches (read more on that here) on Milos. It has a more private feel to the island.

-Renting a car is crucial. There is a bus system but to maximize your time on the island being on your own schedule is key. Just make sure someone knows how to drive a stick.

-The top beaches on the island:

Firaplaka: Half of this beach is “organized” and the other half is just a normal sandy beach with an insanely beautiful mountain range that is yellow, green, coral, red, pink…simply beautiful. It’s very easy to miss the turn to this beach but follow a map and ASK FOR DIRECTIONS! The climb down is a little precarious but worth it.

Sarakiniko: Also known as “Moon Beach,” this one looks straight out of a Slim Aarons photograph. It reminded me of Turkey the way the white rocks were spread across the water. This beach, while beautiful, is more for a quick stop to shoot some pics and then be on your way.

Kleftiko: This is more a specific location in the ocean than a beach, as you can only reach it by boat. There are pirate caves to explore and the clearest water you’ll ever see. We spent the entire day on a sailboat exploring different parts of the Aegean Sea in Milos but Kleftiko was by far my favorite stop of the day. The images above are both of Kleftiko.

Papafragas: I didn’t visit this beach (unfortunately) but my good friend who stayed on the island a day longer than us did and said it was just a picturesque as Pinterest shows it to be.

-For a day of sailing I highly recommend using Polco Sailing. The owner, Pol, is extremely friendly and easy-going, and provides everything you need for a day of being on the water. He is knowledgeable about all the caves in Milos and will take you to some of the most beautiful spots in the sea. The food and drinks on the boat were also very tasty.

-In Milos you will eat Greek and only Greek. Even if you are find a pizza spot they will put a Greek spin on it. Don’t get me wrong, I loooooooove Greek food. But, it can get a bit repetitive when all you’re eating is fried cheese (Saganaki), Greek salad, and cod day in and day out.

O Hamos was a very unique Greek restaurant that grows their own produce and serves everything fresh. Sounds like something straight out of LA, right? It was. The whole vibe was really different from the other Greek restaurants on the island with incense burning, burlap sacks for the bread on the table, and a menu that looks like it’s been around for 4000 years the way it is bound and tied together.

-There is a part of town called Plaka that is a must-do while on Milos during sunset. Utopia cafe has a balcony that overlooks the caves of Milos and during sunset the view is spectacular. You will feel like you’re in Santorini.

-We stayed at the Artemis hotel,a small hotel with beautiful white rooms. The shower resembled something out of the Flintstones–it looked like a cave made out of bedrock and actually had no lighting so really made you feel as though you’re in a cave. While the hotel wasn’t glamorous, it was very beautiful and comfortable. Apparently the beach at our hotel is also a hotspot in terms of organized beaches.

Milos is known for it’s beautiful beaches and colors and it did not disappoint. I’d truthfully say 2-3 days is really all you need to get the full experience but don’t forget to dedicate 1 day for sailing. Without that portion of the trip I’m not sure I’d be as excited about the island. Then again, nothing was a disappointment in Greece!

This is Moon Beach (Sarakiniko).