Mykonos was the first island we invaded as a group during my wedding trip. It started out small-ish and as we made our way to Naxos more and more people joined us. We were a collective group of family, friends, friends of family, teachers, couples, it was pretty eclectic. The perfect combination for a place like Mykonos where anything goes. I knew Mykonos was known as the “fun” island but also had tremendous beauty, which is why I decided to have my bachelorette party there. Since my best girlfriends were planning to come anyway I figured why not?!

We rented a boat for the day to be out on the water and explored many private (and nudist) beaches. At one point we all climbed rocks and had a full-blown photoshoot that could make a Girls of Mykonos 2016 calendar. I would say my bachelorette party was a little unconventional but that’s typically how I like my life events to go. Later that evening after we had a moment to relax on the beach and regroup we headed out to Sea Satin Market for dinner during sunset. It was the most incredible location, as the restaurant actually sits in the water along the shore. The food was the freshest seafood I’ve ever eaten. Truly amazing.

My favorite part of the day, however, was our getup heading into town. We were an entourage of girls dresses as black kittens (I wore white, duh) invading Mykonos town and I’ve never seen so many people stop and stare. Another moment I will never forget.

You may have wondered why I posted my review of each island out of order, but I’ll be honest. I have been looking, searching, hoping to find some decent photos to share of the island. As previously mentioned, this is the party island and we really never took a minute to be sober or cute enough to bust out the real camera. What you are seeing here is a compilation of photos from a slew of other people’s phones. Sorry!


-This island is for fun & sun. Organized beaches cover the shoreline in the major areas so it’s just a matter of picking a menu you like and music you enjoy. My favorite part of the beach to hang out at all day was Yialo Yialo. They served the most delicious, fresh watermelon juice, had the nicest people working there, and played fun music. They were also super accommodating for my party of 12+ each day, giving us prime front row lounge chairs.

-Mykonos town is the main area people go to shop and eat. There are TONS of restaurants with tons of different cuisine options. I failed to note any restaurant name except the one I attended for my bachelorette, Sea Satin Market, which as I said was beautiful and served the freshest seafood I’ve ever had. My husband had his bachelor party at Skorpios and said his meal was equally delicious.

-Back to Mykonos town. If you’re a girl who loves to shop. Scratch that, if you’re a girl who loves anything colorful, fun, printed, happy, inexpensive, and especially loves jewelry, spend a FULL day in Mykonos town. I strolled through there as if planning to spend maybe 2-3 hours and quickly found myself in a panic as I realized I 1) did not bring enough money to town and, 2) needed WAYYYYYY more time!!! Don’t worry, I sneaked in both. Time & money lol!.

-I would advise against riding ATV’s in Mykonos. Everyone does it, but it’s extremely unsafe. The drivers in Mykonos seem the be the craziest of all the islands and tourists are continually getting into accidents. The bus or taxi system is very easy and cheap. Ride that.

-Nammos was a name thrown at me a dozen times before I arrived on Mykonos and was pretty dead-set on making that part of my trip. We visited there briefly during the boat ride and learned that the place is a glorified organized beach that’s just pricier and a little more pretentious. Hey, if it was just Paul and me alone we may have found our way over there. But, being with a huge group of people combined with the amount of alcohol being consumed each day just didn’t seem like the best idea for that type of place.

-We stayed at the Petinos Hotel and it was conveniently right on the beach, adjacent to a strip of delicious restaurants. The hotel was beautiful in typical Greek fashion, complete with white walls and baby blue shutters. They also offer a yummy complimentary breakfast with the best iced coffees called FrapĂ©. Don’t forget to ask for sugar.

-The nightlife is all over Mykonos town. Again, cannot recall the name of the bar we went to after my bachelorette dinner but we had fun stumbling through the windy town roads until we found our next destination. It’s pretty safe to say that anywhere in Mykonos is guaranteed to bring a good time.

-Mykonos is moderately expensive. There were a lot of tourists on the island and it wasn’t even “high season,” which is most likely the reason for spiked prices. There are definitely less expensive islands (Naxos) and way more expensive (Santorini) so Mykonos definitely falls in the middle.

Mykonos was the first Greek island we visited and will always be special to me. It was the place I had my first impression of Greece and it was not a disappointing one. It felt surreal arriving on the island and seeing all the beautiful white buildings I had been dreaming of for years. Straight out of Mama Mia. I look forward to visiting Mykonos again in the future.