Gypsy 05 white strapless dress

Well, a few days from today marks 2 months since my wedding. We all know that as you get older time flies by fast, but this is just out of hand! I know I’m technically still a newlywed but I can feel the shiny & newness fading away and it makes me sad. Also, I don’t really have anything major to plan anymore. You’re probably rolling your eyes at this point but I kind of miss my weekly emails and lists to my vendors. Keeping on track with planning really kept me motivated about managing my time wisely and getting my work done since I had a deadline. Now I catch myself spacing out and before I know it 20 minutes has passed and I’ve accomplished NOTHING!

I might just be looking for an excuse for the severe procrastination but I like to think it has something to do with post-nuptial depression. I’m not typically the procrastinating type so it worries me a little that I’m in this “funk” where I can’t get things done in a timely manner and nothing is really getting me excited. With all that said, I’m putting it out there that I need some motivation–something to look forward to, reassurance that this is normal (?), or maybe just a reason to dress up in a pretty white dress.

I’m well aware that I probably sound like some psychotic manic bride or something but it’s all true. I need some help getting back into the swing of regular life without a major life event to occupy my mind. Have any of you felt this way? Share your side with me 🙂

White stapless maxi Steve Madden Sandrina sandals



White strapless dressWhite lace dresswhite lace dress



I’m wearing: Gypsy 05 Strapless Maxi dress // Steve Madden Sandrina sandals // Ella Moss Daydream bag // Tassel necklace from Mykonos (similar here)