Tips On Living Healthier

A long time ago I posted 50 Healthy Habits Every Girl Should Have, in an effort to promote easy, attainable goals that will help you lead a healthier lifestyle. I know “rules” are hard to follow, and change is even harder, but even small strides in the right direction are better than none. I apologize if I’m beginning to bore you with all my health posts lately, but I’m just realizing as I get older that I want to be the Jennifer’s of the world–Aniston & Lopez, that is.

Have you noticed just how phenomenal these women look? And yes, I know that Botox and other fillers–possibly even surgery–play a part in most Hollywood appearances, but I like to believe that these Jens are doing something different. Here is what I think.

They caught on in their mid-late twenties that leading a healthier life would preserve their appearance more than a doctor can. For instance, eating a cleaner diet, getting regular exercise in, and taking care of your mental health will work wonders. It’s not by luck that well into their 40’s these women have enviable bodies. Sure, personal trainers are also, like, a million dollars but we don’t need to be Hollywood celebs to rock the healthy life.

Now, before you scroll back up to check out my body just to discover that I’m no JLo, let me tell you this. I’ve discovered that the older I get the more results I get from my workouts. I’m learning how to use my body properly; where to contract, where to suck in, how to keep my spine straight, etc. All these things are crucial to maximize your workout. And of course, eating better helps, too.

Below are some of my tips on how to lead a healthier life that I personally follow and find to be effective. Hope they are for you as well.

Eat breakfast. And I mean real breakfast. Not just coffee. Or coffee and a muffin. Eat eggs (or some type of protein), toast with hummus (or avocado), and if you’re someone with patience, some fruit. Once your body becomes used to breakfast you’ll never be able to leave the house (or do anything) again without it in your system.

Drink water. This is something I am always working on. Now I bring a massive water bottle to my desk and know I must finish it within my working hours. But of course I also continue to drink water during the night with my wine.

Work out regularly. Big DUH, right? Well, there’s no way around this one, but even just a quick 30 minute workout 3-4 times a week or 2-3 big-ass workouts per week will keep you in shape. I know as we get older and have less energy (or maybe no motivation) working out becomes an afterthought, but do it for your heart and mental healthy at least, not the 6-pack.

Read everyday. The last 2 weeks I’ve started a 60-minute-a-day reading session. I set my timer (for real) around 5:00pm, get comfy on my office sofa and read for a straight hour. I get so lost in my book I don’t bother looking at my phone or getting distracted. It’s incredible how relaxing it is, and this type of brain stimulation is good for people with bad memories (me!!!).

Snack often. Every 3 hours I’m eating something. Nuts, a smoothie, a granola bar, pretzels, hummus & pita chips, string cheese….not Cheetos (or any chip for that matter) or Coke. This keeps your metabolism active and your appetite in check.

Learn to practice moderation. In absolutely everything you do. Being an extremist in any situation is probably not going to result in something good. I’m no goody-two-shoe but I know my limits and I know how to stay in check. Stick to that way of thinking and you’ll have less hangovers, stomach aches, bathroom problems, mental issues, fat, etc.

Consider yoga or meditation. Or something to boost your mental health. I think we get so stuck on our physical health that sometimes we forget to take care of our minds. If you worked as hard on your mind as you did on your body, imagine how different your attitude would be.

Surround yourself with “good” people. By this I just mean do not allow toxic people to have meaning in your life. I know I’m making a big statement here, but I cannot help by apply this mindset to the people I associate with. I value the people close to me and genuinely believe they have my best interest at heart. In yoga they always tell us to “discard anything inĀ  your life that does not serve you,” and I apply this in many situations, including people. Having a close-knit group of people in my life has really helped me spend quality time with the people I love rather than wasting my energy and exposing myself to other who don’t truly care about me.

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