my beauty regime

Since I started a Snapchat (UN:sivanayla) a little bit ago I’ve surprisingly received a lot of questions about what I do for my skin. First off, thank you. Second, are you guys blind?! Let me explain. Four months ago I stopped taking my birth control pills (my thyroid condition is pretty much my birth control) and my skin is going through a horrible transition period as it tries to regulate itself. I feel like an adult trapped inside a teenager’s body. It seems like there is constantly one major zit with a few less noticeable ones spread out on my forehead and chin. I’m trying to let my skin get back to normal on its own but I have lined up a Dermo appointment next month in case things don’t clear up.

So, while I’m so flattered you find my skin to be “glowy” and all the other super nice things you tell me, just know that I don’t feel quite as glowy as you make it sound! On another note, my regime has not changed, which might be part of the issue. I have followed this regime for years and, up until now, have been very happy with my skin.

If I missed anything and you have any other questions, feel free to just ask in the comments below 🙂


I’m a big believer in the Clarisonic. It saved my skin when there seemed to be a never-ending amount of dead skin around my nose and chin and have since used it religiously. I love their refreshing gel cleanser, too. It smells fresh and seems to be a really clean product that doesn’t clog my skin. I only use this every 2-3 days since I’m terrified of it scrubbing off my tan (lol), but I’ve been told that’s the correct amount, as you don’t want all your natural oils stripped off either.

In the mornings I typically just rinse my face with water, towel dab to dry, apply Dr. Lift brightening serum, and finish with a face sunscreen. Simple. At night I will Clarisonic, remove my eye make-up with a make-up remover, apply the same brightening serum, and finish with a clean moisturizer by Cetaphil.

Some of my favorite products also include Rose Water spray. After I moisturize I will spray my face 2-3 times all over with rose water and really let the moisture soak in. I’m obsessed with the smell and how light it feels on my skin. I do it before bed as well.

Dr. Lift also makes these little exfoliating pads that I use after a long day of make-up or travel. It removes the deeper dirt in the harder-to-reach areas and makes me feel squeaky clean.

Reverie Cake serum

cake hair serum

And since we are on the topic of beauty, I thought I should mention that this Cake anti-aging growth serum for hair is uhhhhh-mazing! If you have an essential oil obsession like me, this is for you. It smells like my favorite oil blend, but for my hair. As we all know I’ve been debating chopping my hair since it’s almost grazing my butt and I’m pretty convinced the serum is what helped it grow so fast over the last 2 months. I let my hair grow for a straight 2 years for my wedding but it has accelerated the process and now I have a couple of inches to spare.

I’ve been thinking about working in some more beauty posts–hair, make-up, products, etc. since I get a lot of questions on Insta about that. Would you be interested in posts about those topics? Let me know!