marble workout outfit

That caption might come off a little dramatic, but it’s just the honest, blunt, truth. I’ve been asked what my workout routine is (thank you!!), and honestly, I’m very very flattered. Reason being, I don’t exactly find my body to be “ideal” or something that I’m necessarily proud of. Not to mistake my last statement with me thinking I’m fat–I’m wellll aware I’m not, it’s just that I know I could work harder to see the results I want.

Last week was my 28th birthday, and as I’ve stated in a lot of my recent posts, transparency and honesty is my jam. Especially as I get older. If there is something someone wants to know, I’m more than happy to share. I don’t keep secrets (and really never did as a kid, either), and being open about my personal view of myself is just one of the many topics I have no issue discussing. My point (it kind of got lost there…) is with age and an open-book-policy comes extreme candidness.

Now let me be a girl for a minute–I wish I could get rid of that little pudge on my stomach, but honestly, I’d rather enjoy my donuts than have a completely flat belly and no donuts. And, I wish I was TALLER! For the most part I’ve accepted my body and try to enhance what I’ve been given, but I still like to complain every now and then.

OK, now on to the reason you’re reading in the first place. I’ve always been a serial monogamist, and that goes for my workouts as well. I like to commit to something for an extended amount of time and then part ways and move on after I’m sick of you. I mean it 😉 2 years ago it was yoga, last year it was TRX, and this year it’s boxing. I’m totally in love with the full-body workout you get during boxing (and kickboxing). Beware though, you will most likely need to wash your hair after each workout, as the sweating is profuse. It has really boosted my cardio and made me feel stronger.

Not gonna lie, I miss TRX. It had this way of making me feel really good about myself. And my husband was totally obsessed with my butt when I was doing TRX. It uses a lot of your own body-weight, so instead of bulking up, it helps you lean out while toning what you already have. I did purchase a TRX strap for my backyard that I occasionally use to work on my glutes. If anyone would like specific exercises to do on a TRX please let me know below and I’ll work on a little video 🙂

Other than that, I try to stay as active as possible in my lifestyle. My family loves to hike and it’s a great excuse to let the dogs run around as well. I always make sure that my physical fitness is fun otherwise it’s never gonna happen. Hope that answers any of the questions you have regarding my workouts…feel free to ask more questions below!



I’m wearing: Strut This bra + leggings // Joie Devon sneakers // Zara jacket (similar here)