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Not sure if it’s because this week is Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday (that I am hosting!!!)), or if I’m just unusually giddy, but I’ll take it! I’ve technically hosted Thanksgiving once before but it was for such a small group that I don’t think it actually counts. This year we have 14 people coming to our house and I’ve been prepping all. month. long.

It’s been a month of plotting table arrangements–table cloths, napkins, chairs, dinnerware, flatware, cups, wine glasses, etc. and I’m so glad it is finally here. I get a sick pleasure out of setting my table for large dinners the night before to make sure I have everything I need and you know I’ll be doing that for Thursday’s dinner. I mean, it’s THE dinner of all dinners!

This look is the epitome of this week for me. Relaxed, causal, comfy, warm, and practical. And I’m not just talking about the outfit, I mean my hair and make-up, too. I’m keeping everything very low-key–something I’ve become very accustomed to lately, in order to get shit done without looking like a complete hobo. It’s been such a transition getting used to shorter hair that I’m finally feeling comfortable in all aspects of my look.

On a different note, I’ll be sharing all the best Black Friday sales early Friday morning for any of you looking to score some sweet deals for the holidays. I’m all about online shopping though, so all you will need is your laptop and credit card handy to shop my favorite stores 🙂

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