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For me the holidays symbolize a time to spend with the entire family. The semantics of the entire ordeal (who will host? who is coming?)¬†didn’t really concern me, until it actually came time to get planning. As my family expands I find that these details become exponentially more complicated. Not because we don’t all get along or anything, but because every family has their traditions and adjusting tradition is never easy.

At this point in my life I have 10 “immediate” family members that I would like to share every major holiday with. Not gonna lie, it can be tough to gather all 12 of us around 1 table. And we often have extended family and family friends to add into the mix, which then brings our number up to 15. Easily. My home has now been added into the mix for hosting holidays and let me tell you–it is intimidating!

Not only are there expectations–traditions to carry out, hosting preparations, cooking, etc.–we have to plan way in advance. There are schedules to consider, significant others, dietary restrictions, you get it. Sometimes I catch myself living in this fantasy land where I envision the holiday(s) being so perfect. Everyone is smiling, enjoying the food and drinks, talking, laughing, singing along, playing games…As an adult, though, I have to remember that those warm and fuzzy feelings towards the holiday season is not truly reality.

It’s a bit stressful and nerve-wracking, actually. However, like most events I host, I have to remember that my vision of “perfect” is only living in my head. No one ever saw it, so no one will ever know that it is less than “perfect.” And once the event / holiday is over and I’m laying in bed, I usually find myself exchanging positive words with my husband about what just transpired and suddenly it hits me that the most important part is that I just spent another year with all the people I love most in one space.

To be able to enjoy the presence of your entire immediate family is something I will aspire to as long as I live. It brings me an overwhelming sense of warmth and happiness and I’m 100000% sure that is the reason I will continue to endure the craziness of the holidays.

Does anyone else feel like the holidays drive you nuts until you are reminded that they are the most important times in our lives?

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Photography by: Felicia Lasala // Clothing c/o: elle a. boutique