2016 RESOLUTIONS - Sivan


2016 resolutionsOf my 2015 resolutions I can honestly say that I achieved 6 out of 10. I’m gonna go with a  60% success rate isn’t half bad in a world that finds resolutions to be absolute bullshit. I personally enjoy setting them every December. It provides me with a whole new set of goals–realistic goals–that offer real perspective on my life come the following December. It shows growth, progress, endurance, motivation…all things I seek regularly. This coming year is no different. I am setting 10 resolutions that I won’t kill to reach, but will do my best to keep.

Grow my blog. I’m going into my 5th year with my blog (!!!), and I’m (we) finally ready to take the next step. It has taken years to refine my aesthetic–photography, coloration, edits, products, brands, collaborations, voice, etc. Every last detail is hand picked and designed by me for you. Therefore, now that I feel comfortable and confident about where I am as a blogger (and the blog itself), I am pushing myself to treat this blog as a business. I hope to work with twice the amount of brands and designers I did in 2015. I hope to acquire some press. I hope to grow my readership. This will definitely be my most challenging resolution, but thankfully this is also the one I’m most excited about. So chances are I will work my ass off to reach it.

Improve my home. I made a physical list the day we moved in of all the things I want to do to this house. I’ve slowly crossed things off the list but it’s not quite done. In order to prioritize, and not get lost in an endless amount of work I could do, here is my realistic list: finish guest room, replace back gate, change front light fixture, change counter tops, work on landscaping. You will definitely be seeing the updates as they happen (most likely on Snapchat since there is NOTHING glamorous about shoveling gravel while covered in mud).

Box 3 times a week. My new workout obsession is boxing. The high energy and sweat that I work up really helps me keep a clear head and feel good about my physique. I want to remain consistent about it this entire year. And it wouldn’t hurt to throw in a yoga class here and there, too.

Travel Italy. After honeymooning in Lake Como it is officially killing me slowly that I have not spent more time in that amazing country. This summer (hopefully for our 1 year anniversary) Paul and I are planning a trip straight off our bucket lists to the Amalfi Coast.

Take Vitamins. I’ve always been weird about taking vitamins and pills. It might be because I’ve been swallowing a pill (for my thyroid) everyday since I was 5. Buuuuut, that shouldn’t stop me from taking vitamins that will only improve my health. I’m going to start slow and gradually work in more specific vitamins to help in areas that I lack naturally and through my diet.

Drink less. Probably the second most challenging of all the resolutions. I love my wine. Like, nightly. In the last few months I’ve cut down on the nightly wine consumption tremendously, but I can’t lie, I’m not thrilled about it. It helps me unwind and just puts me at ease. I often need that on long work days. However, I feel as I get older (and my metabolism slows down) I need to do my body a justice and cut back a little. A glass or two 1-2 times per week is fine, but splitting a bottle each night with Paul is a little excessive when I think about it.

Connect with bloggers. I live in Los Angeles so how hard can that be, right? This city is crawling with bloggers! I have been fortunate enough to meet with some of my faves in 2015 and I hope to grow that network to include more like-minded, driven bloggers that I can call friends.

Read More. I started reading for 60 minutes each day over summer to help stimulate my mind. I felt after a day of sitting at my computer my head needed a rest that didn’t involve the TV. I was flying through books and it was something I really enjoyed. I want to continue allowing myself this time, especially since I do it before my husband is home and the house is still and quiet.

Be patient. Something that I have been working on for years. But, at least it made the list and at least I’m working on it.

Pay off student loans. It just needs to happen. A little tip to you all: don’t just pay off the minimum amount due–then you will only be paying interest and your principal balance will actually increase. It’s pretty much the same logic as having a credit card but for whatever reason I never viewed it that way.

See? Not so bad, right? 10 attainable resolutions are a lot less intimidating than overloading yourself with unrealistic ones. I would love to know the type of resolutions you guys set (if you do! am I alone in this??). Happy New Year and see you in 2016!