Gypsy 05 One piece bathing suit

I’m lucky. There, I said it. So far in 2016 (3 weeks into the new year) I’ve been on 2 fabulous trips to Miami and last week to Cabo San Lucas. Mexico was sort of a last minute trip that I couldn’t resist. My family was headed to the gorgeous Esperanza Resort with an extra room in their villa going unused and it was just calling my name! With that said I commissioned my little sis to join me for some fun sister time.

It was 5 days of coconuts, cocktails, cruises, kayaking, paddle boarding, tanning, and napping. Just what I needed. Because this year has just been so stressful, right?

Normally when I travel I like to share what I learned on my trip with you guys; however, this trip was not exactly “educational” what with all the napping I did. Seriously, each day I had a good 1-2 hour nap at some point in the afternoon. I don’t usually get so much relaxation time when I’m traveling with Paul since he likes to explore and do things. Let’s just say I heavily enjoyed the change of pace. I finally feel refreshed and ready for 2016!

I know, I’m about 3/4ish weeks late to the party. But, I never really claimed to always be on time, did I?