SERENE Nighttime routine

night-time routine

I’m a big believer in the little things. So vague, I know. What I mean is, there are little things in life that make an overall experience better. As you know I’m not a morning person so having something like my iced chai in the morning to look forward to is key. Same goes for the nighttime. There is nothing more annoying than casually laying in bed scrolling through Instagram getting sleepy and then realizing you need to get up, wash your face, brush your teeth, and probably more things I don’t need to list. You get the point.

This is when having little things to look forward to comes in handy. My mom was always a freak about essential oils when we were growing up. After her nightly bath the lingering aroma of lavender would spread throughout the house making us all blissfully sleepy. I guess you could say she passed this on to me, expect I don’t take baths. I’m more of a shower girl.

But, I do like my dose of sleepy-time essential oils. Maybe it’s mental or maybe it’s an actual physical effect, either way I have no plans to quit my nighttime routine anytime soon. In fact, I’m getting a little more cray cray each passing day since she keeps introducing me to new products that are just fabulous. If you follow me on Snapchat you may have seen my nightstand drawer–it is literally FILLED with 3 types of products: chapsticks (addicted), hand creams (can’t sleep without it), and essential oils (tons of different scents). On top of my nightstand you will find the latest and greatest diffuser by Doterra that I highly recommend. A couple drops of oil and fill the rest with water and I promise your sleep with never be the same.

There is comfort in the smell of essential oil. Not to mention, a lot of the oils carry natural properties to relieve stress and help with problems like digestion, circulation, etc. Since you could literally drown in the amount of oils available on the market, I thought I would share my favorite products that are continuously used in my nighttime routine.

Doterra oils

As I mentioned above I love my nighttime shower. I do what I call a “body shower” at night, which basically just means I’m not washing my hair (hallelujah!). I inhale the lavender-infused steam from my body wash and it sets the tone for the rest of the night. After my shower I wash my face (a totally different regime by Christy Kidd that I’m happy to share if you’re interested), brush my teeth, lather myself in cream, and then get the room ready for bed.

I always light a candle (anything by Diptyque is afave–currently burning Figuier) and let it burn while I’m reading. The diffuser is filled with water and a couple drops of oil. With Doterra oils you literally only need about 2 drops. They are super potent so a little goes a long way.

Oh, and this post is not sponsored. I just really love their products!

Once the diffuser is going and I’m in my comfiest pajamas, I climb into bed with my book. I cannot lay down comfortably for even 2 minutes without the rest of the routine. First things first, HAND CREAM. Like, NOW! My hands get so damn dry I cannot function without a hand cream within arms distance at all times. Right now I’m loving this all natural True Elements one. It’s not too scented, which I like, so it doesn’t compete with all the other scents in the room. Immediately after hand cream I need my chapstick. My dermo recommended this one by Avene that has changed my lips in the best way possible. I was living with chronic dry lips and this chapstick is actually a cold cream for lips. So good.

Next, I roll the Doterra Breathe stick on my wrists, behind my ears, and on my chest. The effect is similar to Vicks, except this is all natural and smells heavenly. It opens up my sinuses immediately and keeps my cool. And in case you were wondering why I need help staying cool, well, my husband likes it warm at night and I couldn’t be more opposite. So the Breathe stick is saving my life. And my marriage. Kidding!

Lastly, I pop 2 peppermint beadlets into my mouth so I can give my hubby a minty fresh goodnight kiss. Seriously, it’s the BEST bad breath killer. It’s just pure peppermint oil so get ready for a serious rush to your senses.

If this sounds like a lot don’t be intimidated. It is kind of a lot but once you’re in the habit of doing it all you won’t even think twice. In fact, you may even wonder how you ever slept without all of it. Would love to hear if any of you try it out and like it! Keep me posted 🙂

These are the 3 oils I need on hand at all times–Serenity, Breathe, & Lavender.

This Breathe stick gives me life.

My Avene cold cream for lips is next level amazing, and the True Elements hand cream I love.

I challenge any of you to pop more than 2 at a time. These little babies are STRONG!