Slim Aarons Beverly Hills

One of my very first blog posts back in 2011 was about how I wanted to marry Jonathan Adler. I had just discovered who he is and fell madly in love with his aesthetic, designs, and mottos. I spent hours studying rooms he had decorated, lusting over all the small details that brought the room to life. From that moment on it was a dream of mine to live a “Happy Chic” life. Fast forward to today and I couldn’t feel more excited about the fact that I’ve been asked to host an event at the new Jonathan Adler store in the Woodland Hills Village. Being a Valley Girl myself, having this store so easily accessible (don’t tell my husband!) is trouble in the most heavenly way. It’s two stories of glorious color, textiles, aromas, and best of all, people who share an affinity for all things Jonathan Adler.

Needless to say, hosting this event is a huge achievement for me. Partnering with a designer I admire is nothing short of a dream come true, and I hope you will join me on May 19th to celebrate! All the details are below.

Last week, after one of my frequent visits to the store (eek!) I was offered the opportunity to take advantage of their free in-home design consultation to help me, the notorious style chameleon, decide on some pieces I want to bring home. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a visual person and all but seeing the pieces in your house makes the process a lot easier. It felt pretty fabulous having them do all the heavy-lifting (literally), as I’m typically struggling to measure, carry, and assemble furniture. But, in typical Jonathan Adler fashion, the process was seamless and the end result was stunning.

I had a pretty difficult time deciding on the pieces I absolutely had to have, as I wanted every last piece. Obviously. Among my faves is the Slim Aarons print of the Beverly Hills Hotel. If you know me, you know I’m there just about every other day. Having a classic Slim Aarons piece of an iconic Los Angeles landmark is kind of too perfect. Plus, I really love how it framed my dining area, especially accompanied by the Nixon Rug. I was having a pretty difficult time styling my dining room, but after setting the foundation with the rug I’m not too worried anymore.

As most of you probably know, my kitchen is by far my favorite space in the house and I really didn’t think I could love it any more. However, after adding some of the Vice Canisters (with sayings like Puppy Uppers and Fibs!), it added a fun twist to the kitchen, along with a mixing and matching element that I love. It’s the perfect place to hide your special brownies…

But wait, we must talk about my hands-down FAVORITE piece. The Jacques Brass Bar Cart. Be still my heart! Acrylic and brass gorgeousness that makes you feel like Elizabeth Taylor mixing up a cocktail. Need, like yesterday. Of course the accessorizing became extremely easy once this piece entered my front door, but I won’t be able to sleep until the brass Hand Nutcracker is mine. Who ever knew cracking nuts could look so chic? That’s the thing with Jonathan Adler. His pieces are so unique you fall in love and never forget them.

While I could go on for days all about my favorite pieces from his new spring collection, I hope you will join us on May 19th and get a closer look at all my favorite pieces. In the meantime, enjoy a glimpse at my home decked out in Jonathan Adler!

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