perk of dry brushing
A few months ago I visited a spa in Los Olivos. Prior to my massage I was unexpectedly brushed with something that didn’t feel quite so pleasant at first. While it was happening I was dying to lean over and grab my husband’s arm to see if he thought the same thing! I later learned, after our massages were over, that the scrubbing was something called dry brushing. I don’t know if I’ve been living under a rock for 28 years or WHAT, but seriously, dry brushing has changed my skin.

I’m a person who loves a good body cream, body scrub, body oil, body ANYTHING that will make my skin soft. I tend to have dry skin so I’m constantly on the lookout for the most moisturizing products. While dry brushing doesn’t actually moisturize your skin, one of the biggest perks of using a dry brush is the shedding of dead skin cells, which promotes smoother and brighter skin. How? By removing the dry / dead skin, your are giving your body the boost it needs to generate new cells that will look and feel a lot smoother.

Since I’ve started dry brushing I’ve seen a drastic difference on my legs specifically. I’ve always felt that I can easily apply lotion to my legs 3-4 times throughout the day and it still wouldn’t be enough. Now that I’m dry brushing I really only need to moisturize once or twice per day and the moisture lasts. Pretty phenom!

Still not sold? What if I told you dry brushing can help eliminate those pesky ingrown hairs. Yeah…those annoying little fuc*ers that love to pop up in the worst places! Dry brushing loosens the hair follicles in a way that prevents ingrown hairs from arising. Hallelujah! I used to have a weird patch of ingrowns on the back of my thigh and I swear it is now baby smooth back there…phew!

Lastly, dry brushing is supposed to help with lymphatic drainage. Think: all those yucky toxins that prevent our bodies from functioning properly and effectively reduced just by a little dry brushing. Just to give you an example that sparked an interest in my mind: cellulite is a toxin that accumulates in your body’s fat cells. When you dry brush you are actually breaking down those fat cells to not only eliminate the cellulite formation, but also re-distributing the fat cells more evenly to help with fat deposits, aka trouble areas.

New to dry brushing? Here’s how I eased into it. Start by dry brushing once a week at night. It’s super relaxing and your skin won’t be as sensitive as it is in the morning. Once you’ve worked up an immunity to it, start dry brushing 2-3 times per week. In between days, use something moisturizing to replenish your newly developed skin. Currently, I’m loving This Works Skin Deep Golden Elixir. It leaves a sexy sheen to your skin that I love! I use something a little less “pretty” when I dry brush my husband (watch Snap for the proof)…he’s secretly super into it, too.