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It’s no secret that I love to travel. This year I’ve been especially lucky with all the opportunities that came my way unexpectedly (Miami, Cabo, New Orleans, Los Olivos, and now Capri & Positano). As much as I love the thrill of visiting a new city, playing in the sun all day, and drinking endless cocktails, there’s really no place like home.

First and foremost, I miss my dogs endlessly. I think about them pretty much all day and repeatedly ask my husband what he thinks they are doing. He gets pretty sick of me asking the same question but he’s pretty used to it by now. Crazy dog lady over here and absolutely NO shame. The sadness always sets in the night before as I’m packing and my dogs are just devastated to see the suitcases out. They know.

I always cry as I’m walking out the door with my luggage. Because how do you communicate to them that you are coming back?! Ughh…even writing this it makes me sad. Let’s move on to the next topic.

Home is where the heart is. So true. I feel the most comfortable, relaxed, and happy at home. Sure, I’m all of those things on a tropical island, too, but not as comfortable, relaxed, and happy. I always think this is a good sign, though. I must be living my life right if home is my favorite place to be. What is your take on this? Do you always enjoy going back home at the end of a trip?

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