It’s about that time of year when my calendar is filled with weddings every weekend-ish. I’m sure many of you feel the same way. When you reach a certain age it seems like everyone is either getting engaged, married, or having a baby, which inevitably leads to a never-ending stream of events that lead to a never-ending stream of registries to shop, cards to fill, and dresses to buy for yourself in order to attend.

Don’t get me wrong, I love weddings / showers / birthdays (really any excuse to get dressed up, have a cocktail, celebrate friends, etc.), but sometimes there is an obstacle that makes getting ready for these events tricky. A dress code. Or, lack there of. I’m a huge believer in supplying a dress code for any event. My sisters still call me Sunday mornings when we have family brunches to check if they can “look like shit in pajamas or are we looking cute and human?” Yeah, I’m that kind of girl.

In my opinion, there is a time and a place to wear sweats, and for me, those times are long plane rides and Sundays spent at home. But let’s stay on topic here. Summer weddings pose the issue of being too fancy or too casual. You want to be summer-y, but often colorful dresses are not formal enough. You don’t want to wear black, but when will you ever wear a neon orange dress again? See what I’m saying? It can be confusing.

In Los Angeles there is pretty much only one dress code: cocktail attire. People will indicate ‘formal’ but really it should read: just please do not wear jeans to my wedding. Cocktail attire is that happy-medium between casual and formal for us Angelinos, and that is exactly what my hubby and I found ourselves in this past weekend. He wore slacks and a button up, but did without the jacket or tie. I wore a flowy dress with a chunky heel because who needs to wear a stiletto for a beach wedding?

To see some of my favorite summer wedding [guest] dresses, scroll down. And to find out how I did my makeup, check out my Glowy Summer Makeup Tutorial here.



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