Hamptons Bound

There are so many TV shows I watch that take place in the Hamptons. Gossip Girl, The Affair, Revenge, and that’s not even counting all the movies! Needless to say, I feel like I know the Hamptons. I feel like I know where to eat, shop, whose house is cool, who throws the best parties…but not. A friend of mine, Paula Rallis (get to know her because she will be all over my Snap for the next week), invited me to come stay at her Hamptons house and I kid you not I’ve been mentally packing my bags since she invited me weeks ago!

I guess you can say I’m curing my vacation blues from the Amalfi Coast with another destination that I’ve dreamed all about but never really imagined myself actually getting to see IRL. Paul is unable to make this trip (“some people have to work around here”) so I will be traveling with my bestie for some quality time instead. I’m excited for some girly activities and chatter since typically on vacation I’m obligated to keep my husband entertained if I’m insisting on laying out in the sun all day 😉

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