If you’ve EVER watched anything I post on either Snapchat or IG Stories you’ve most likely glimpsed my dogs. You’ve also most likely heard me shrieking in a super obnoxious octave that most humans can’t understand. My kids totally understand me, though.

Yeah, I’m a crazy dog lady and definitely NOT ashamed.

I rescued my pups 6 years ago (6 months apart) after I experienced a break-in and needed a companion to keep me company. I know, I know…I picked a very UN-intimidating breed, but rest assured, they are both extremely yappy. However, after the first one (Olive, Maltese) entered my life and suffered from severe separation anxiety after being abandoned, I needed a second. Enter: Lyla, a maltipoo that is without doubt my soulmate. She just gets me. We have a symbiotic relationship, we cannot live without each other. Olive is much more independent (he’s part of the 80% of dogs who don’t enjoy being smothered), and loves to protect me. Lyla, on the other hand, needs to be touching me at all times and I’ve grown to need her in return.

Not sure I need to go on further about just how obsessed, addicted, in-love, and crazy I am over my dogs. They mean the absolute world to me, and as I love to reiterate to them (and my husband) they are “my everything, the reason I live, & I would die for them!” Of course, just imagine me repeating that about 746 times a day in a very high-pitched voice.

When my friends at The Lustr, a curated jewelry manufacturer, approached me to partner with them it was an absolute no brainer. Why? Well, The Lustr connects influencers with a passion to help their community in a way that means something to them through a platform that also allows them to be creative. In my case, a necklace that when purchased gives back to an animal shelter very near and dear to my heart.

Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on rescuing and rehabilitating severely abused animals. I’m sure I don’t need to get into details here, but as we know we live in a very cruel world where thousands of innocent animals are mistreated. It breaks my heart to see or hear anything about hurting animals and make it a point to contribute to this organization any opportunity I can. With that said, a portion of sales from my collaboration will go towards AHWF.

I strongly encourage you to browse The Lustr and learn more about their mission. We all love to accessorize so why not shop in a way that will also give back, right?




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