I’m not really into bragging about my “squad” and all that Mean Girl stuff, but I do want to talk about a few lovely ladies that I had the pleasure of spending time with during NYFW last week. I’m starting to see a trend whenever I travel for the blog–I always meet really great people. I mean, I’ve also met some not so great people, too, but overall I love coming home a few friends richer.

There’s something very comforting about recognizing a friendly face at events, which to be honest, can be very clique-y and uncomfortable. Somehow the universe has connected me with some smart, funny, and approachable women that I now call friends. I feel especially lucky since I had come to the conclusion a few years back that since I’m done with school and don’t work in a traditional work environment with other people I’m pretty much never going to make any new friends (LOL). Might sound kinda extreme but it’s kinda true, too. Working from home, I spend most days talking to my dogs and emailing, which doesn’t really have the same effect as speaking to a real-life human.

Ironically, most of the girls I bonded with in NYC are LA natives (even better)! However, I did meet some pretty awesome east coast ladies, too. Since I’m all about supporting and empowering my peers, here are some bloggers you should definitely check out:

-@SophieElkus: One of the sweetest people I’ve met. Ever. Sophie is the creator of style blog Angel Food Style, and offers major outfit inspo you’ll want to steal. Oh, and she’s just as picture-perfect IRL!

@AnnieLawless: Talk about beauty + brains. Annie is the founder of the lifestyle blog Blawnde and also the founder of Suja Juices. Annie pretty much had me laughing my ass off the entire trip.

@SavvyJavvy: Her name is actually Javvy, and she balances her blog and “real” job full-time, pretty much making her superwoman. Javvy has big personality and balls (she made her way front row at Marchesa like it was nothing!), and I admire everything she stands for.

@Kattanita: Kat is based in NYC and the creator of the style blog With Love From Kat. She is super beautiful inside and out and has a no-bullshit policy about the blogging world. She tells it like it is and to me that is everything!



Annie Lawless