No trip to New York is complete without stopping traffic in the busy streets for some crosswalk photos, right? Especially during Fashion Week. This year was my first time attending Fashion Week in New York and I’m gonna be totally honest, it wasn’t really my thing. As a blogger it’s something I always felt I should attend, but was never pushed to do it. I’m typically what I like to call a “self starter,” meaning, I don’t need others to motivate me to do almost anything. I fully take control of my own time and actions, but this was a little different. Something was holding me back and so I never made the effort to attend.

This year the same thing happened. I had no intention of attending until many of my friends made it clear I was making a mistake. Okay, okay…I caved and decided to book a last minute flight to NYC (straight from Vegas for my sister’s 21st bday…yeah, I’m basically suicidal). Amped up, I frantically put together looks and made it happen. I stayed with a good friend who was in town for the same reason and together we conquered what can only be described as a sh*t-show! Just thinking about it makes my head spin a little.

Here’s the thing: NYC is already overwhelming if you’re not from there. The hustle and bustle, the unexpected turn in weather (sunny and gorgeous and suddenly a monsoon hits!), all the walking (in heels), the traffic, and then the bloggers. Of course, right now I’m only talking about NYC during FW. The weather and busyness is obviously a factor year-round, but everything else just kinda ruins it for me. It becomes such a “scene” and honestly, it feels like many people are there for the wrong reasons. I mean, aren’t we really there to look at the clothing?! Maybe not? Actually, not at all, I came to realize.

I don’t consider myself a high fashion blogger–I’m pretty casual, wear lots of bikinis, often don’t wear shoes, my outfit pics are the least liked photos on my IG (I notice these things), and I’m a one-trick pony with all my dresses and rompers. This was a realization I made during NYFW. So what the hell was I doing there, right?! After trying to keep up only days into my trip, I took a totally different approach. I was definitely going to wear my looks and shoot in them for the blog, but instead of pretending to be all fashion-y I was going to be myself. Being myself in NYC entails lots of eating, drinking, sight-seeing, and mingling and that’s exactly what I did. I felt so much more comfortable and suddenly I was loving New York again.

I’m not one for regret. Never have been. I don’t regret going. In fact, I feel the complete opposite. I’m really glad I went–it’s something to check off my list. Would I do it again? Probably not, but definitely, maybe. In the end I met some really great people, tried some new restaurants, and of course, got some awesome “street style” photos for you!