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I’m definitely what you would consider a modern woman, but I also have a deep-rooted love for old-fashioned traditions. I take pleasure in things like hand-written thank you cards, physical party invitations, and enforced dress codes to my events. I blame pop culture–I’ve seen too many movies and shows that surround these concepts and I absolutely love it and identify with it.

There’s also something to be said about the fact that the ONLY physical invitation I ever get in the mail anymore is a wedding invite. I totally understand the appeal behind an Evite–it’s time efficient, inexpensive, and keeps the RSVP list pretty organized. However, I can’t help myself. When I host an event you are most likely going to receive a physical invitation in the mail, complete with a custom hand-written font I designed (or knocked off) to go along with the theme.

I chose to discuss this topic with this particular outfit because the only thing that comes to mind when I see these photos is “tuxedo.” And obviously tuxedos are formal, bringing “black tie” to mind, which is not something I’m against. Also, since I’m hosting a Halloween / Birthday party next week and I’m fully immersed in DIY projects, RSVP spreadsheets, and endless To-Do lists I figured it was an appropriate topic to discuss. With that said, I will be doing a full recap of my party, along with tips to make your event special and unique.




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