I’m having so much fun sharing all the different ways I do my makeup. It’s not really an area I ever expected to go into on the blog, but I’m loving trying new products and finally feeling comfortable doing my own makeup. I actually have a serious issue getting my makeup done, I’ve just never been happy, with the exception of a few people who just get me. I think the trauma happened in high school. Sidenote: I’m not dramatic at all….{sarcasm}.

It all started during Homecoming, when everyone frantically competed for that prime-time makeup slot at the MAC counter at Topanga Mall. It was the place to get your makeup done for any dance, and you had to plan wayyyy in advance. Otherwise you were getting your makeup done at 9AM, clearly too early, or 6:45PM, clearly too late. Then factor in the hair appointment….pretty sure I learned time planning and management all thanks for this exact scenario I had to partake in 2 times a year.

To be honest I don’t remember if I loved or hated my makeup in the early years, but the year that stands out to me the most is senior year. Maybe I had developed high standards by then but all I can remember is looking pale as a ghost with dark racoon eyes. Hello, I brought in a picture of Britney circa 2004 with a smoldering smokey eye!!! So why was I looking like a member of the Adams Family? I later learned the reason I didn’t look like Britney is because I’m not blonde, I don’t have blue eyes, and I didn’t get a spray tan. Dammit.

Years later in my early 20’s I had my makeup done a handful of times for different events. Each time I would cry my whole way home, refusing to look in the rear-view mirror in case I caught a glimpse of myself. Yeah, it was that bad.

Let me clarify, though. The makeup probably wasn’t that bad. It was me. I hated face makeup. Foundation, concealer, powder, whatever, all of it was so thick and heavy I didn’t recognize myself and I hated it / it scared me. To this day I feel the same way after getting my makeup done, however, I’ve learned to cope with it in a much better way. I understand makeup now. I still LITERALLY feel embarrassed walking around in public with professional makeup on. That I don’t think will ever go away.

Am I weird? I’m gonna go ahead and say probably.

So here we are, years and years later. I take photos for my blog and social media channels daily and I need to wear makeup. I definitely don’t do this routine daily, but I’ve managed to accept a heavier look that doesn’t totally freak me out. I’m sure professional makeup artists everywhere would hate me, but I just don’t like that amount of makeup on. I’ve taken pointers and tips from them, but I go about it in a much more toned down way, if that makes sense. What you’re seeing here is a look that works for me on camera but also feels comfortable enough for me to go out in public after.

After typing all of this I’m starting to thing I sound a little crazy, LOL.