Trying to be a morning person has been a struggle of mine for life. In fact, just the other day Paul and I were talking about how our parents used to wake us up as kids and it made me realize that I’ve actually disliked mornings since I was little. Maybe I should blame my mom, she would come into my room, turn the lights on, and say “time to wake up” and disappear. Pretty sure she developed this cruel technique after years of struggling to get me out of bed in time for school. To this day, I need a verrrrry gentle wake-up call. Paul knows not to bother me until I’ve had a solid hour longer than him in bed with my puppies. I may be awake, but I’m not available. Period.

Recently I’ve been trying to get boxing done in the morning (partly for my hair schedule, partly to start my day on an active note), and on the mornings I can actually get there on time, it really makes for a swell day. Yeah, I did just say swell. But honestly, that’s kinda how I feel after a morning work-out. I leave feeling a sense of accomplishment and it’s only 10:30AM! There is also a sense of relief that my workout is behind me and I don’t have to rush around to get though my day in order to make my afternoon class around 5:30PM.

With morning workouts, however, come a yoga-pants kind of outfit. I know a lot of people roll their eyes at women who run around town in their workout outfits all day, but I think there should be an exception for those of us who actually did just workout. And for the record, I have zero issues with wearing workout clothes all day even when I don’t work out. They are comfy, what’s the big deal?

I think we can all agree that a cute workout outfit provides a certain level of motivation to actually work out, but even if you just find yourself at Target, TJ’s, and Whole Foods for the day, make it a good one! I’ve found so many cute athletic lines recently but my absolutely fave is Strut-This. Their fit and prints are everything I look for in my workout outfits and I seriously have no shame in wearing them as an “outfit.”

What motivates you in the morning to get going? Would love to incorporate some new tricks into my routine.