Here we go…

Embarking on a territory I know nothing about, but giving it my best shot. It seemed like the natural next step for me, as I really do enjoy creating video content for you guys. I’m still in the learning stages so please leave me some feedback so I can make the next one better. Be honest, you won’t hurt my feelings.

In case you’re wondering why I didn’t include any footage from the actual event (Revolve Winter Formal), well, let’s just say the camera is very shaky. It’s kind of nauseating to watch so I chose to trash all that content. That’s the other thing, free-handing the camera is much more difficult than I thought so a tripod is necessary for the most part, making it a major mission, as you can imagine.

Looking forward to bringing you tons more video content so please do me a HUGE favor and let me know your thoughts below!

See you next time.