CRUSHING ON Gray malin

Gray Malin

I’ve had a major crush on Gray Malin for quite some time now. In my eyes he’s the modern-day Slim Aarons, whose photography has inspired many a trip of mine. Gray Malin invokes that same wanderlust in me, making me want to sip a spritz on a colorful-umbrella-sprinkled beach somewhere lavish. In fact, Gray and I are so in sync when it comes to travel I religiously referred to his Capri travel guide when visiting the Amalfi Coast this past summer.

As we all know, Italy has a special place in my heart. It speaks my language, and I’m not talking about Italian (does that even make sense?). What I’m referring to is the lifestyle–elegant luxury in the simplest way possible. It also happens to be one of the most picturesque places I’ve ever visited, and even though I took 9000 photos frolicking all over Capri and Positano, I don’t have that one photo that embodies the perfection I was looking to capture.

So you can imagine just how over the moon with excitement I was when Gray gifted me one of his masterpieces taken in, you guessed it, Italy!

The print of Monterosso, part of the northern Italian coast (bucket list, obvi), now hangs above my office desk, serving as a reminder that I need to work my ass off so I can book another trip to Italy STAT. Since the print is of the iconic colorful umbrellas it does have a certain Amalfi Coast quality to it that has me reminiscing maybe a little too much, but honestly it’s so beautiful I can get lost starting at the thing all day.

The good news: Gray Malin is having a huge, major 30% off sale just in time for the holidays (or be selfish / smart and buy yourself one!). The sale is from 11/22 – 11/28 so snag your fave print before it’s gone!

Peep more Gray Malin in my home: