VIDEO: Fitness routine

I finally convinced my usual group of girls that I box with to allow me to film a little vlog. To be honest, it took a little self-convincing as well since boxing isn’t exactly the prettiest workout in the world. I love watching people box–the way they move is almost like dancing, it’s totally captivating–but the boxing and kickboxing classes I take at Tarzana Boxing incorporate cardio as well to give you a full body workout. I leave boxing drenched in sweat, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our instructor, Thor, is under strict orders to keep our booties, abs, arms, and legs in shape so he makes a point of keeping the class diverse and dynamic. And obviously as girls we get bored easily so we do a lot of partner work to keep things interesting. Having my sister and friends in class helps, too.

Post-workout it’s all about recovery and nourishment. Boxing is very hard on your body so making sure to take those restorative steps, like drinking collagen, is crucial. Stretching, relaxing, massages, and supplements all contribute to your body’s recovery, which is important between classes. What you’ll see in this video is my usual workout routine–take a class, sweat to death, go home, shower, change, get ready for my day, then make myself a Vital Proteins collagen whey protein shake loaded with greens and peptides to assist my body in the recovery process.

If you want to learn more about Vital Proteins, I break down the benefits of collagen, their Beauty Green, and their collagen protein whey. I’ve been using these products for months (I’m sure you’ve seen this on my Snaps?), and I honestly love them. I’m very picky when it comes to drinking any type of “healthy” shake so for me to whip one up myself means I really love it.